Monday, May 11, 2009

I am in a craft show this coming Saturday. I'm expecting it to be a good one. It's a Art and Music Festival in the town right next to ours. The town thrives mostly on college kids. I'm thinking since some will be graduating soon, they will be in a happy, spending mood. At least I hope so! So, this week I will let the housework slide a bit so I can focus on my clay. Today I plan on getting everything out, to see where I stand as far as inventory goes. I think I'll clay up a storm at least until Thursday, and then tie up loose ends for Friday. I'll probably package everything up as I go, so it won't be such a big job on Friday. Oh, and I also have to get that Black & White entry out and postmarked by the 15th, for Polymer Cafe Magazine. To be honest, I haven't chosen my entry yet. I have three done to choose from. Two turtles and one fish. I'm leaning toward the fish right now, because it's bright. I'll post my entry when I choose it. I better hurry, I only have a few days to do so. All for now....

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