Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So, I went down to Cook Forest to pick up my hubby this weekend. He had a weekend with the guys, it's good for him to spend quality time with his friends. This is a State Park in PA that we often visit when the weather gets nice. It's so beautiful, the Clarion River runs right through it, it's in the mountains, absolutely amazing! I love to be in nature, I grew up going camping almost every weekend. If you look at my work, I would think you would notice that. I also love bright colors. So, there are my two inspirations, nature and colors. The few hours I was down in Cook Forest, I caught myself many times looking closely at the ripples of the river, The twists of the trees, the way the birds every so gracefully took advantage of the light breeze. On the way home, we stopped at camp. When we pulled up, we caught two fox pups playing under a pine tree, using a swing as a catch-me-if-you-can device. We snagged a few pictures. While waiting for my hubby to put away a few things borrowed for the weekend, our daughters decided to see what they could find under the newly muddied rocks. AH Ha! They found tiny (and by tiny I mean no longer than an inch) salamanders. I took about 50 pictures. So....stay tuned for salamander magnets! I little peek inside my creative mind.

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